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Addiction and dependence on drugs and alcohol are widespread, and Lowell Massachusetts addiction treatment centers admit many thousands of people every year for substance abuse. Addiction is a chronic disease in which people lose control of their ability to stop using or cut down their use of a substance of abuse such as heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, or alcohol. Addiction often develops over a long period because the behavioral changes are a result of the effects of the substance on the brain. It not only damages the health of the substance abuser, but it also is estimated to cost around $700 billion every year in increased health care costs, lost productivity, and crime related to drug abuse. The illness also contributes to the deaths of over 90,000 people in the United States every year.

Lowell Massachusetts addiction treatment centers deal with patients from all walks of life each year, but the numbers of people and the statistics for different substances of abuse vary from town to town. According to the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services figures available from Mass.gov, almost 2,500 people were treated in addiction treatment centers in Lowell in 2014, which was down from nearly 3,000 in the previous year. These admissions were mostly for heroin (55%), alcohol (29.7%), and marijuana (5.7%), but the rates for alcohol have gone down in Lowell over the last decade while those for heroin have increased...

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