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Substance abuse and addiction are widespread across New England and the rest of the United States, and many Worcester Massachusetts addiction treatment centers are tackling this epidemic by providing proven treatment options.

Substance abuse is not only characterized by the use of illicit drugs, illegal substances such as alcohol or prescription medications can be abused as well. Both illegal and legal drugs have the potential to form an addiction, an addiction being a mental and physical dependence on the substance.

Why Do People Become Addicted?

People use and abuse drugs and alcohol for many reasons, and the clients of addiction treatment centers in Central Massachusetts come from all walks of life. They represent a wide range of ages and education levels. They may be financially secure or homeless, and may have a great job or be unemployed. Most people can use alcohol or drugs without problems, while others become addicted, but there is no one demographic that leads to addiction. Research has shown that while no one subset of the population is destined to heavily abuse drugs or alcohol, there are some trends. More males seek treatment for drug abuse than females, for example (68.8 to 31.6 percent), and most are unemployed but are not homeless. The 18-30 age group is most highly represented.

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617-262-7142 Hello House

Hello House in Boston, Massachusetts provides men of the community with substance abuse and addiction treatment for a safe and healthy recovery. The treatment program is strongly c ... Read More >>

508-762-9469 Opening Heavens Door Ministry

Opening Heaven’s Door Ministry is a faith-based sober living environment located in Worcester, Massachusetts that offers support and assistance to men during the transitional pha ... Read More >>

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